Lightning Download

Lightning Download 2.3

Practical and super quick download manager


  • Searches for alternative mirrors
  • Integrates into browser


  • Interface isn't very attractive
  • Doesn't find alternative mirrors very often

Very good

Lightning Download is a download manager that helps you speed up downloads from the Internet.

It's aim is to ensure you never suffer a lost, failed or incomplete download again, although that's a lofty claim by any stretch of the imagination. Lightning Download basically accelerates downloads by splitting files and downloading up to 10 parts at the same time. It also allows you to manage your downloads fairly easily and recover those that broke for some reason.

The applications works within your web browser and seems to work equally well in IE as in Firefox (although I'm not sure about Chrome). One of the nicest features is the "mirror search" option which allows you to look for possible alternative download locations when your original source isn't working well. However, it frequently fails in it's search for other mirrors but can occasionally help out.

Lightning Download is a functional, if not the most elegant download manager available for those that find their current manager too limited or ineffective.

Lightning Download


Lightning Download 2.3

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